Bronze Memorials by CR Bronzeworks
A Proud Project Showcase

Bronze Memorials by CR Bronzeworks

Every project that we've had the opportunity to work on here at CR Bronzeworks has been a special one. We've helped hundreds create beautiful memorials, symbolizing the lives of loved ones who have passed away.

Our bronze plaques can be seen as symbols of tribute to the lives lost in battles all around the world. We've created lasting dedications to places of historical and cultural significance and so much more.

The projects you will find showcased below are just a few of the many important pieces we've helped create.
Bronze Memorials by CR Bronzeworks


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Missouri Press Association

The Missouri Press Association commissioned CR Bronzeworks to make this massive plaque to replace existing lettering on a wall on the outside of their building.

This plaque was not only created in dedication to the Missouri Press Association but also as a memorial of The Journalist's Creed. The Journalist's Creed is a code of ethics written around 1906 by Walter Williams. It was written to dictate the ideals and moral statutes of true journalism.

The plaque was designed to fill a pre-made inlet outlined with stonework. Weighing in at 500 pounds this impressive 10 x 4 foot plaque is the largest bronze plaque that our foundry has made to date.

In the photos to the left, you will see Morris Shepherd and Justin Butler from the foundry actually installing the plaque with the help of two local sign company employees.
CR Bronzeworks

Minneapolis Parks and Recreation

The Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Department have undertaken a very exciting and unusual bronze project. They are constructing an area in a park where they will place bronze tiles on stainless steel stands that showcases a broad range of animal, plant and insect life.

The idea behind this project is to give children a place to come and visit these bronze plaques with paper and crayons or pencils and make rubbings of the various bronzes located throughout the park. In this gallery, you can see only a few of these plaques, however, 36 unique bronze tiles were actually created for this project.
CR Bronzeworks

Kandahar September 11, 2001 Memorial

Seen in this gallery are a few pictures taken at the ceremony in Kandahar Afghanistan, where the bronze plaque was unveiled. Also included on this page is a letter from Lt. Commander Hardy expressing his sincere gratitude.

CR Bronzeworks

Dear CR Bronzeworks,

The memorial service conducted today at 1246Z (8:46am for you), here in Kandahar Afghanistan was a big hit as we dedicated the beautiful plaque you made to those who died last year. The monument we attached it to is next to the one dedicated to all the soldiers who have died so far in Operation Enduring Freedom. It amazingly arrived this morning just hours prior to the service on a day when no scheduled mail was supposed to fly in. About 1200 servicemen (Army, Air Force, Marine and Coalition forces) were present for the service and dedication. Thank you so much for your rapid response to meet a need here in Afghanistan. All who witnessed the ceremony were clearly touched and fully understand our requirement here to ensure such atrocities never happen again, especially on American soil. We are dedicated to staying as long as it takes to ensure that success.

God Bless you! Airborne All The Way!

LTC Chuck Hardy"

USS Spiegel Grove

On May 17, 2002, the Spiegel Grove was cleaned and intentionally sunk to become the backbone of a new reef ecosystem 6 miles off the Key Largo shore. This ship now serves as a man-made reef to thousands of fish and other marine life and is also host to thousands of scuba divers each year.

To the left are a few pictures taken during the underwater installation of the 3 large plaques that were mounted to the side of the sunken USS Spiegel Grove off the coast of Key Largo Florida.

The two large plaques contain 250 names each and represent the people who have contributed to the preservation and maintenance of the underwater site.
CR Bronzeworks

St. Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church Aurora, Illinois

Saint Athanasios is located in Aurora Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. It has a parish of over 400 families and due to the significant growth in the Fox Valley area. The parish is also reaping the benefits with its own continued growth.

Saint Athanasios created two bronze plaques set in a beautiful garden to remember those in their parish that have fought and given their lives in defense of our country.
CR Bronzeworks

Scarsdale New York American Legion Memorial Park

Plaques created by CR Bronzeworks for the American Legion Memorial Garden in Scarsdale New York. CR Bronzeworks created approximately 20 bronze plaques and the solid bronze lettering for this park, which was dedicated on May 5, 2002.

Many of the plaques measure 18" tall x 36" wide and give a brief description of a particular war in the history of the United States. Many of these same plaques also indicate the involvement by Scarsdale citizens.

Nelson Heyer Associates and William Meyer Architect created the content and design of the plaques for the Scarsdale American Legion Memorial Garden.
CR Bronzeworks

War Memorial Park in Carbondale, Illinois

Carbondale, Illinois is a city of about 25,000 people. It is the home of Southern Illinois University, which has a student population of about 22,000.

Carbondale is located in Southern Illinois about 80 miles southeast of St. Louis, Missouri. The downtown area has undergone a revitalization led by a Main Street program. Part of the program established a Veterans Memorial Plaza in the town square. In 1998, the Carbondale VFW Post built a memorial in the Plaza commemorating local war dead from 20th Century wars.

In 2003, the Post undertook building a lighted wall identifying the Veterans Memorial Plaza. Behind the wall was a concrete platform with five plaques describing the wars of the 20th Century (WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq) and US losses.

A sixth plaque is for all-wars and recognizes those who made major contributions to building the memorial.
CR Bronzeworks