Ceramic Portraits for Grave Markers
from CR Bronzeworks

Ceramic Portraits for Grave Markers

At CR Bronzeworks we offer Porcelain (ceramic) portrait memorials to add to an existing bronze or granite grave marker. Our ceramic portraits are fired at very high temperatures (up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit), ensuring that they will endure the extremes of weather and environment. The cermamic portrait colors will not fade and the medallion finish will not deteriorate – ensuring the permanence expected in the memorial industry today.


Porcelain portraits are imaged onto flat or domed enameled medallions. The low profile medallion is easy to install and approved for flat markers in many cemeteries. It requires a very shallow recess for mounting flush on a granite marker. Most of our customers mount the portraits to a bronze marker using silicone or epoxy, as well as the highly durable 3M double sided tape.

Our Guarantee

This product is fully guaranteed against defects in quality and craftmanship for the lifetime of the monument. They are also guaranteed against fading and deterioration of any kind. Your portrait will be replaced if you or your family has a problem with defects in quality, craftsmanship, fading or deterioration.

Every step of the way, CR Bronzeworks will work to ensure that your bronze tribute is exactly what you envisioned. As a family of artisans, we approach every project with the same care and consideration as we would our own family.

CR Bronzeworks - Ceramic Portraits for Grave Markers