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Accent Your Monument with Memorial Accessories

Our Memorial Accessories complement most of our Bronze Grave Markers and Bronze Plaque designs. For custom orders, we have an on-staff sculptor that can assist with the creation of your custom design to meet your exact needs.

Below you’ll find galleries showcasing the accessories we offer including bronze vases, ceramic portraits, bronze emblems and granite foundations. Whether you choose one of our existing designs or have us custom create those finishing touches, our attention to detail and commitment to quality work will ensure you are satisfied with the final product.

CR Bronzeworks Memorial Accessories

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Bronze Vases

CR Bronzeworks Memorial Accessories

Our bronze vases can be purchased to mount directly to the bronze headstone or to be mounted above the bronze headstone. We offer a variety of vase and ring styles. Browse through the gallery, or contact us for a custom order.

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Ceramic Portraits

CR Bronzeworks Memorial Accessories - Ceramic Portraits

Our porcelain (ceramic) portrait memorials are long lasting due to being fired at very high temperatures and will not deteriorate because of weather an environment – ensuring a permanence expected in the memorial industry today.

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Bronze Emblems

CR Bronzeworks Memorial Accessories - Emblems

We have produced hundreds emblems for grave markers and custom plaques, all of which are now available for you to use. Custom emblems can be created for just about any purpose you may have and vary in price based on the style and size.

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CR Bronzeworks Memorial Accessories - Foundations

Granite Foundations

At CR Bronzeworks we manufacture the bronze marker and all other bronze accessories and ship them to the needed location. When a granite foundation is needed it is often more affordable to purchase the granite directly from your local cemetery or monument company because granite is very heavy and costly to ship. However, we do keep a supply of foundations on hand and offer them at a very reasonable cost.

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