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CR Bronzeworks F.A.Q.

What to Expect

Many of our customers have never ordered something as unique or custom as a bronze plaque or marker. Because of this we wanted to let you know what you can expect from the order process, to the product delivery.

The entire process for bronze plaques and grave markers from start to finish can take any where from 4-6 weeks (for less customized designs) to 8-12 weeks (for additional customization or sculpting).

1 • We receive your order or inquiry via email, phone or fax.
2 • Our artists will produce a free layout of your custom marker.
3 • Once you approve the final layout your marker order will be sent to the shop for pre-production.

*The pre-production process may include custom drawings, digital layouts, polymer stamp creation or hand sculpted art.

4 • Finally all the art pieces and layouts will be cast in bronze and finished to your specifications.
5 • When the entire process is complete, we will ship to the specified location for installation. Note: For grave marker installation contact your cemetery for installation information or specifications.

CR Bronzeworks - Bronze Plaques and Grave Markers

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Other frequently asked questions:

What is the cost to install?

When a customer orders a bronze marker from us, we typically ship the bronze directly to the cemetery where it is mounted to a foundation (granite or concrete) and placed at the grave site for a fee. This fee is different at every cemetery and you will want to check with the cemetery to find out if they provide this service and what the costs are. In many cases you can save money by having this service provided locally by either the cemetery or a monument dealer located in the same town as the cemetery.

Will the granite foundation be custom ordered?

The granite foundation will be custom ordered for your specific marker. It will come to the cemetery or location of your choosing with the correct mounting and vase holes pre-drilled.

What if the cemetery also offers granite foundations?

It is best to first check with your cemetery to see if they provide the granite foundation and what their costs are. Then compare the cemetery cost with ours to see if you are able to save money by buying through us or from your cemetery directly.

Are there size requirements to the foundations?

Some cemeteries have very specific rules about granite size and color. Some require a 4″ border around the bronze marker, but most require a 2″ border. Some cemeteries only allow certain colors of granite so be very careful to find out exactly what the rules are in the cemetery you are working with.

What if the cemetery requires the bronze marker and granite foundation already mounted and ready to install?

Some cemeteries will only accept the bronze marker if it is completely mounted to the granite foundation and sent ready to install in the ground. That is not a problem as we have many sizes and colors of granite in stock and can ship the bronze fully ready for the cemetery to install.

How is it shipped and what is the turnaround time?

The complete marker is wrapped in cardboard and banded with steel bands and in most cases the package is shipped to it’s destination via truck in 3-5 business days. The shipping price is determined based on the size and weight of the package as well as the destination. We will have to get a custom quote for each delivery.

Can I purchase the granite foundation locally and install myself?

If you are purchasing your own granite or cement foundation locally and installing the marker yourself, you will receive a bolt pack with the bronze marker. Each package contains four 5″ long 3/8″ diameter bronze bolts, 4 large washers and 4 nuts to use to fasten the bronze to the foundation.

How do I install the marker myself?

All of our bronze markers have a pre-drilled lug in each of the four corners on the back side of the marker. You will receive a bolt pack with the bronze marker. Each package contains four 5″ long 3/8″ diameter bronze bolts, 4 large washers and 4 nuts to use to fasten the bronze to the foundation.

You simply screw the bolts into each of the lugs. Be careful not to over tighten them. You may need to tap the end of the bolts slightly to make them more perpendicular to the marker.

Once all of the bolts have been screwed into the back of the marker, then align them up with the 4 pre-drilled holes in your granite foundation. Typically the holes in the granite are 1″ in diameter giving you room to adjust the bronze to make it align nicely with the granite. If you are using a 4″ thick granite slab, the bolts will go all the way through the granite so that you can secure the bronze to the granite using the 4 washers and nuts provided.

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